As I head into my sixth year of professional cycling, the 2019 racing season is right around the corner!

This year is going to look a bit different for me as it relates to races and disciplines- I will continue racing on the road and individual time trials, but this year I have been given the opportunity to get my hands dirty (literally). With the support of amazing partners and current team leadership, I will be racing gravel! Gravel racing is a growing discipline within the cycling scene, and a perfect match for me. Gravel racing lends itself to be a more individual based cycling discipline (similar to that of the Individual Time Trial, my first love) - simply put, during these type of events, one spends a significant amount of time alone, and at his/her threshold. This is a place where I have found the most success in my cycling career. From time spent in the break-away and solo victories, to Time Trials - this is where I am most (uncomfortable) comfortable. Pushing myself to the limit, digging deeper, and finding joy amidst the pain.

talk soon,