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    Best Car Insurance Companies

    Find the best car insurance that fits your coverage and needs

    We publish unbiased product reviews; our opinions are our own and are not influenced by payment we receive from our advertising partners. Learn more about how we review products and read our advertiser disclosure for how we make money.

    Why should you carry auto insurance? Well, for one thing, it's mandated in just about every state in the union (and the two that currently don't require insurance, New Hampshire and Virginia, deem you responsible for covering any bodily injury or property damage caused by a car you own). Like many other types of insurance, even if it wasn't required by law, the peace of mind that car insurance coverage provides spans from sea to shining sea.

    However, not all car insurance policies are the same, and each car insurance company offers something unique to its customers. When comparing providers, it’s important to look at the entire picture, including customer service, coverage options, discount offerings, and even the digital experience the company’s website offers.?

    We considered all of those factors (and more) while also analyzing ratings from agencies like J.D. Power and publications like U.S. News & World Report to compile a list of the best auto insurers in the industry.

    Based on our findings, here are a quintet of companies that we feel represent the best in the industry for rates and discount offerings, military families, personalized experiences, claims satisfaction, and high-risk drivers. We selected the following as the six best car insurance companies.

    Best Car Insurance Companies

    Provider Best For
    GEICO Best Rates & Discounts
    State Farm Best Personalized Experience
    Amica Mutual Best for Claims Satisfaction
    USAA Best for Military Families
    Progressive Best for High Risk Drivers
    Erie Insurance Best for Young Drivers

    Below you'll find auto insurance offers available from our advertising partners, followed by our complete in-depth list of the best car insurance companies we've found.

    GEICO: Best Rates & Discounts


    Its satiric ads can be head-scratchers, but GEICO does offer impressive discounts, excellent customer service, and some of the lowest premiums in the industry. A well-designed, highly efficient website and mobile app also cause the company to stand out among bargain-rate carriers.


    GEICO's extensive coverage options include:

    • Liability coverage
    • Collision and comprehensive
    • Personal injury protection
    • Uninsured motorist coverage
    • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance
    • Mechanical breakdown insurance
    • Rideshare insurance
    • Emergency roadside assistance
    • Rental car reimbursement

    In addition to covering cars, GEICO provides policies for a variety of vehicles: motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, and RVs. The company also offers other types of coverage, like homeowners and renters insurance, that you can bundle with your auto insurance.


    Another of GEICO's big strengths is the breadth and variety of its discount options. Some of the breaks are if the car has:

    • Airbags
    • Anti-lock brakes
    • Anti-theft system
    • Is a new vehicle

    Other breaks relate to you and your behavior. You might qualify for a discount if you are a:

    • Good driver
    • Seat belt use
    • Educated driver
    • Student
    • Federal employee
    • Member of the military

    The company also partners with hundreds of groups, associations, and corporations to provide special rates for members or employees. GEICO also awards discounts for customer loyalty: There are multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts. Some of the above-mentioned breaks increase the longer you retain your GEICO insurance coverage.

    Digital Experience

    In addition to their great discount offerings, one of the other reasons why people love GEICO is because of its mobile app. Although many car insurance companies have gone digital, GEICO is on the cutting-edge when it comes to communication, provides state-of-the-art online tools and ease of service through both the company website and mobile app.

    As the slogan says, GEICO offers a quick quote process through their website. Once you enroll with GEICO insurance, you can manage your policy and make changes 24/7 through the online customer portal. You can also file claims or check the status of pending claims, receive quotes for adding new drivers or vehicles to your policy, and more.

    The GEICO mobile app is also an amazing asset to customers. Through the GEICO app, you can request emergency roadside assistance, view digital insurance ID cards, report a claim (or track existing claims), and receive virtual assistance. Its Mobile Vehicle Care feature, a joint venture with CARFAX, allows you to view repair costs, vehicle recalls, and service history for your vehicle.

    What's more, GEICO now offers connectivity with your Amazon Echo or Google Home, plus it offers voice command options with your smartphone so that you can access policy information or request assistance anywhere, anytime.

    Customer Satisfaction

    GEICO consistently receives high ratings by both its customers and industry experts. In fact, the company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau?? (BBB) and an A++ rating in financial strength with AM Best.?? Furthermore, J.D. Power awarded GEICO with the top spot in its 2020 Insurance Shopping Study.??

    Our Verdict on GEICO

    If you’re looking for a great car insurance company that offers competitive rates and a lengthy list of incredible discounts, then GEICO is definitely the best choice for you. Furthermore, some of the amazing features in the GEICO mobile app really make this company stand out from the rest of the top insurance providers across the country.

    Read the full review: GEICO Car Insurance

    State Farm: Best Personalized Experience

    State Farm

    Over the past century, State Farm has grown into a national name for a variety of insurance products, including car coverage. And—increasingly rare in this digitized, outsourcing age—it maintains a network of employees across the United States, meaning you always have access to a local State Farm agent for your insurance questions and needs.

    Coverage & Discount Options

    State Farm offers fairly extensive car insurance coverages like:

    • Liability coverage
    • Collision and comprehensive
    • Medical payments & Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
    • Uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage
    • GAP insurance
    • Rideshare insurance
    • Emergency roadside assistance
    • Rental car & travel expense reimbursement

    Additionally, State Farm offers coverage for other vehicles, like motorcycles, boats, and off-road vehicles. You can bundle your auto coverage with one of its other insurance policies.

    When it comes to discounts, State Farm offers lots of options for safe drivers, safe vehicles, and customer loyalty. Bundling different insurance policies can save up to 17%, and multi-vehicle policies, up to 20%.

    Digital Experience

    In comparison to some of the other top insurance companies, State Farm is a bit behind when it comes to a streamlined digital experience. What that being said, State Farm started a partnership with SalesForce back in 2018 to enhance the online experience for its customers. Like most other insurance websites, you can now manage your account through the State Farm customer portal.

    Customer Satisfaction

    State Farm holds numerous awards and accolades for its customer service. J.D. Power's 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study ranked State Farm sixth out of 25 insurance companies.?? Of course, what makes State Farm stand out are those local service agents, who get high marks for being efficient, knowledgable, and easy to reach (no dialing a 1-800 number, and enduring endless prompts and sitting on hold).

    Our Verdict on State Farm

    ?Although State Farm doesn’t offer as many digital perks as some other large insurance companies, the company does offer an extensive network of agents to help with your insurance needs anytime. Furthermore, State Farm is one of the oldest insurance companies in the industry and has a great track record with customers.

    Read the full review: State Farm Car Insurance

    Amica Mutual: Best Claims Satisfaction


    Amica Mutual has received the top spot on J.D. Power’s Auto Claims Satisfaction Study multiple times. It earned second top spot in 2020.?? From low complaints to low premiums, it garners superlatives in several areas. We're singling it out as the best based on claims satisfaction.

    Coverage & Discount Options

    Like most other auto insurance companies, Amica offers all of the required and beneficial elective coverages you’d need: 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and even glass coverage (repairing your windshield or windows, without incurring a deductible). Amica also offers an inclusive package called Platinum Choice Auto, which includes perks like accident forgiveness, the aforementioned glass coverage, identity theft monitoring, and premium rental car coverage. Customers can also receive referral and loyalty discounts.

    Amica's rates are competitive. Although it doesn’t offer a huge amount of discounts, the company does have:

    • Safe vehicle discounts for airbags, anti-theft systems, and more
    • Multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts
    • Loyalty discounts for customers who remain with Amica for 2+ years
    • Auto-pay and paid-in-full discounts
    • E-discount for customers who go paperless

    Note that Amica Mutual is currently not available in Hawaii.

    Digital Experience

    Overall, Amica’s website and mobile app are very basic and don’t do anything overly impressive. Still, they are easy to navigate, and you can do the standard tasks, like pay bills or access ID cards. Amica also allows its customers to file claims through the app and online. Customers can also request roadside assistance through the app.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Amica’s customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Furthermore, the company holds a complaint rating of 0.58 with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which is one of the lowest in the industry.?? Customers say that Amica handles claims quickly and efficiently and that customer service representatives are always available to answer questions.

    Our Verdict on Amica

    While Amica Mutual doesn’t offer any unique discounts or digital bells and whistles, their reputation for customer service and claims satisfaction speaks for itself. And their premiums aren't out of line; in fact, they rank among the lowest in the business. We highly recommend this company if you’re looking for a reliable vendor when it comes time to make a claim.

    Read the full review: Amica Car Insurance

    USAA: Best For Military Families


    If you or a family member has or has had military ties, then the car coverage offered by USAA is hands down your best choice. The well-regarded financial institution, which is open to armed services members (active or retired) and their immediate kin (spouses, children), offers some of the lowest premiums in the industry, along with sterling customer service.

    Coverage & Discount Options

    Like those of most other auto insurance carriers, USAA's policies offer:

    • Bodily injury liability
    • Property damage liability
    • Collision and comprehensive coverage
    • Uninsured motorist coverage
    • Personal injury protection and medical payments

    Additionally, USAA offers rideshare coverage for Lyft and Uber drivers, 24/7 roadside assistance and towing coverage. USAA customers can also bundle their car and homeowners policies, or select other coverages like life insurance, renters or condo insurance, or boat insurance.

    When it comes to discounts, USAA offers:

    • Safe driver discounts
    • Student discounts for drivers under 21
    • Multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts
    • Base and storage discounts
    • Mileage-based discounts
    • Return customer discounts

    Current military personnel who live on base or end up deployed overseas can receive discounts for upwards of 60%. Additionally, USAA offers accident forgiveness if you go accident-free for five years or if you end up in any accidents where you are deemed not at fault.

    Digital Experience

    Believe it or not, USAA actually offers a great digital experience through the USAA website and mobile app. Through the USAA website, customers can use the free quote tool and receive rates without even providing an email address or phone number. The site also includes lots of information about coverage options, planning and calculating tools, and general insurance and money management advice. The USAA mobile app also provides secure access for customers to pay their bill, access digital ID cards and insurance policies, or even start the claims process.?

    When it comes to the claims process, USAA makes it easy for you to complete the entire process digitally, which is great for people on the go. When you end up in an auto accident, you can simply go to the USAA website or open the mobile app and file your claim. If additional information is needed, a claims adjuster will notify you via text message or email. Furthermore, you can upload images of the damage and other needed information through the site or app to attach to your claim.

    Customer Satisfaction

    When it comes to ratings, USAA car insurance receives top marks. In fact, J.D. Power gave USAA some of the highest ratings in its 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study,?? and U.S. News & World Report also listed the company as their top pick on their review of the Top Insurance Companies in 2021.?? USAA also receives top marks for financial strength from AM Best rating services.?? Finally, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reported USAA as having fewer customer complaints than the industry median.

    Our Verdict on USAA

    If you meet the criteria for USAA’s car insurance coverage, then you should definitely take advantage of it. The company offers great rates, impressive discounts for current members of the military, and a wonderful online experience.

    Read the full review: USAA Car Insurance

    Progressive: Best For High-Risk Drivers


    If your driving record is less than stellar, Progressive can help you avoid the financial burden of your driving record. In fact, Progressive's Name Your Price Tool allows you to opt in for a coverage plan that meets your state's minimum coverage requirements while also fitting your budget. Also, you can redeem your driving record and save even more through Progressive's Snapshot program. This is why many high-risk drivers choose Progressive over other car insurance companies.


    When it comes to auto coverage, Progressive offers:

    • Bodily injury liability
    • Property damage liability
    • Collision and comprehensive coverage
    • Uninsured motorist coverage
    • Personal injury protection and medical payments
    • GAP coverage
    • Umbrella insurance policies

    What’s more, Progressive offers some unique items, such as rideshare coverage for Lyft and Uber drivers, classic car coverage for antique autos, Mexican travel insurance for those who drive across the border, and custom parts coverage for aftermarket equipment. For those who want to switch all of their insurance policies over to Progressive, the company also offers homeowner's and other property coverage, plus life insurance and other personal policies.


    Progressive’s Snapshot program personalizes your rate based on your actual driving habits, which can not only help good drivers save money, but it can help drivers with a record lower their premiums over time. Progressive offers an average discount of nearly $37 off your first policy period just for signing up for the Snapshot program, and most drivers save an average of $145 every six months with the Snapshot program.

    If you’re looking for more ways to save money, Progressive also offers:

    • Online discounts for those who obtain quotes and enroll in policies online
    • Multi-car and multiple-policy discounts for customers who bundle policies
    • Teen driver discounts for drivers under 18, as well as student discounts for high school and college students with good grades
    • Automatic payment discounts for policyholders who use automatic payments
    • Paperless discounts for policyholders who go paperless
    • Paid-in-full discount for customers who pay their full premium instead of monthly installments
    • Loyalty discounts for those who renew policies or add additional policies down the line

    Digital Experience

    Progressive actually offers one of the best digital experiences out of all the major insurance companies across the nation, with a variety of features like the Name Your Price Tool and Comparison Tool, which lets you compare rates side by side when shopping for a policy.

    What's more, Progressive's app (available both through the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store) allows you to manage your policy from anywhere. With the app, you can obtain 24/7 roadside assistance and file a claim, make payments or policy changes, and even obtain a digital ID card to provide proof of insurance. However, you currently cannot manage your homeowner's policy through the app, so those with multiple policies may also want to use the online portal through Progressive's website when making policy changes.

    Customer Satisfaction

    While the perks of Progressive seem endless, not all customers feel the same way. In its 2020 Claims Satisfaction Survey,?? J.D. Power rated Progressive in the bottom half (21st out of 24) of insurers, which implies policyholders are less than thrilled with the payouts on their claims. The BBB gives Progressive an A+ rating, yet the company only holds a one-star average from customer reviews.?? As we looked through BBB complaint logs, it appears that most complaints center around claims processing and accident fault decisions. This likely explains why J.D. Power issued the rating it did.

    Our Verdict on Progressive

    Overall, Progressive really shines in its discount offerings and willingness to accept high-risk drivers. Because of this, we highly recommend Progressive for any driver with a history of accidents or any other negatives on their driving record. In fact, we suggest you enroll in the Snapshot program and let your current record help reduce the rates that your past may currently influence.

    Read the full review: Progressive Car Insurance

    Erie Insurance: Best For Young Drivers

    Erie Insurance

    Founded in Erie, Pennsylvania, Erie Insurance has provided car, homeowners, and other types insurance since 1925. With specific discounts geared towards the 21 and under crowd as well as some of the lowest rates in the industry for new drivers, it's a great pick for teens and college students looking for affordable car insurance.


    Like most other companies on this list, Erie offers:

    • Bodily injury and property damage liability
    • Collision and comprehensive coverage
    • Uninsured motorist coverage
    • Personal injury protection and medical payments
    • Umbrella insurance policies

    However, where Erie really shines is in the extras that it offers to its insurance customers. These extras include: roadside assistance with towing coverage, pet and personal item coverage, waived deductible on auto glass repairs, and new car protection. Erie also offers rideshare insurance, extended coverage for non-owned vehicles like moving vans, and several other perks. And, of course, Erie also provides homeowners and renters insurance, life insurance policies, and recreational vehicle coverage policies for motorcycles, boats, and RVs.


    Erie offers a full package with coverage, but the company also offers a wide array of discounts to its customers. These savings include:

    • Youthful Driver Discounts of up to 20% for unmarried drivers under 21 who live with their parents
    • Driving Training Discounts for drivers under 21 who complete an accredited training course
    • Erie Rate Lock, which keeps premiums the same every year regardless of accidents
    • Multi-car and multi-policy discounts of up to 25%
    • Save Driver discounts for those who maintain a clean driving record
    • Safety Savings Discounts for vehicles with features like airbags, anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes
    • Reduced usage discount for drivers who store their vehicle for at least 90 days

    Digital Experience

    Erie Insurance isn't the best out there in terms of a digital experience for customers, but the company is working on it. Currently, Erie offers website features that allow customers to obtain a car insurance quote, track down local Erie Insurance agents, pay bills online, and file a claim.

    However, Erie doesn't offer a smartphone app at this time, which can be a deal breaker for some customers.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Erie maintains a mostly positive rating when it comes to customer satisfaction. In fact, Erie Insurance ranked seventh of 24 companies in the country on J.D. Power's 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study?? and second of 12 companies in the 2020 Insurance Shopping Study.?? Furthermore, Erie Insurance maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.??

    Our Verdict on Erie Insurance

    Erie Insurance has an excellent reputation in the insurance industry and a longstanding history of continued stability. Additionally, Erie offers some of the best premiums in the nation, especially for young drivers under 21. This, along with their generous discounts, makes them an obvious choice for teen and college drivers.

    What Coverage Options Are Available?

    With some exceptions, most car insurance companies offer the following types of coverage:

    • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, which pays for the other party's medical care and property damage if you’re found at fault in an auto accident.
    • Collision Coverage, which pays for damage to your own car regardless of fault.
    • Comprehensive Coverage, which pays for damage to your car in the event of weather damage or theft.
    • Personal Injury Protection/Medical Payments, which covers your own medical expenses regardless of fault.
    • Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which pays for your own medical and car repair bills if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver.
    • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Coverage, which covers the gap between what is owed on your car's lease or loan and its current value if the accident caused a total loss.

    What Coverage Do I Even Need?

    Many drivers go by the minimum coverage amounts set by their state's regulations because it seems like the most affordable option. However, it’s important to understand what precisely what is included in each policy, before selecting which coverages to add and which to leave off.

    What Should I Do When Comparing Car Insurance Companies?

    When comparing insurance rates between multiple insurance companies, it’s important to keep several considerations in mind, including the actual coverage you’re receiving (including dollar amounts for each coverage), available discounts, the company’s financial strength rating, and the company’s customer service ratings. Make sure you understand everything about how car insurance works before making your final decision.

    The Bottom Line

    When choosing a car insurance company, consider your needs and prioritize your choice based on what is most important to you. While GEICO offers the lowest rates across the board, other companies like Amica offer the best claims satisfaction, Progressive offers great coverage for high-risk drivers, State Farm offers the most personalized experience, and USAA gives amazing discounts to military personnel.?


    ?When determining our top car insurance choices, we evaluated each insurance company based on several categories, including: financial strength via A.M. Best, claims satisfaction ratings based on J.D. Power’s latest Claims Satisfaction Survey, and customer reviews from websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, and more. We also complied comparison data from multiple consumer review websites. Our analysis is an excellent guide, but we encourage you to shop around and compare quotes before committing to a single car insurance provider.

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    Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy .
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